2014 Ballot Question #1: Important Information for Liaisons

Attached are important Bail Reform materials for your use in educating everyone about the constitutional amendment, Question 1 that will be on the ballot Nov. 4 :

Ballot Question #1 Letter to Editor

UULMNJ Ballot Question #1 Fact Sheet

UULMNJ Ballot Question #1 Get Out the Vote Flyer

Please organize a major letter campaign to your local newspapers. Time is of the essence, and the way the question is worded, it would be easily misconstrued.

The UULMNJ board maintains its position as an education vehicle in election matters. However, even though we do not tell people how to vote, the educational materials do reflect our UU values.  Individuals may phrase their letters however they may choose as long as they don’t use the UULMNJ letterhead in letters advocating a particular vote.

Thank you all for your help and continued support.

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