Action Alert June 20, 2014: Call the Governor


As we enter into the last week of this NJ Legislature Session,  your voice is needed to move some things along:

Call the Governor’s office, (609) 777-2500 and ask him to sign two pieces of legislation:

  • Reducing ammunition magazine rounds to from 15 to 10 rounds,  and
  • Sign the tax lien bill, a priority of our Anti-Poverty Network coalition.  The bill does the following:
  1. Helps towns generate revenue when the tax liens are redeemed by the current owners. Fines and interest will be collected by the town NOT investors.
  2. If liens are not redeemed, the town that owns the property can sell or put into its land bank for redevelopment.

Gives the town the flexibility to forgive fines and interest for a lower income homeowner.

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