Action Alert March 3: Prevent Fracking in the Delaware River Basin

It is time to rally the troops again against fracking in the Delaware River Basin.  We are joining Environment New Jersey in the campaign below.  Please link and send a message to President Obama asking him to keep fracking out of NJ.  And then, send this email to as many environmentally concerned people as you can.  Time is of the essence.  The Delaware River Basin Commission is meeting March 11.


Rev. Craig Hirshberg, Exec. Director

 Environment New Jersey

The Delaware River Basin Commission is meeting on March 11, and the Obama administration holds one of five key votes on the commission’s decision whether or not to allow fracking in the Delaware River Basin. Will you tell the president to shut the door on drilling in one of our best places?

In January, the Christie administration tried to push forward a proposal for a 15-mile fracked gas pipeline through the heart of the Pinelands.

But we took action, rallying close to 2,000 New Jerseyans in less than a week to pressure President Obama’s top representative on the commission. And that representative voted no on the project — stopping it dead in its tracks by one vote.

Now we need to rally again — but this time, for the Delaware River.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is meeting onTuesday, Mar. 11, and the commission could bring up a proposal to lift the moratorium on fracking in the Delaware at any time.  The Obama administration will hold one of five key votes on this issue, and we want to make sure it’s well known that New Jerseyans won’t stand by and watch this happen.

Will you tell the Obama administration to keep fracking away from the Delaware?

It’s no secret: Gov. Christie isn’t a friend to the environment. He pulled New Jersey out of our best program to solve global warming, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. He’s blocked offshore wind development and signed dirty water bills allowing development in environmentally sensitive areas.

So in absence of Gov. Christie’s environmental leadership, we must call on President Obama to do everything he can to protect the Delaware River and its watershed.

Tell Pres. Obama: New Jerseyans don’t want fracking near the Delaware.

If the DRBC voted to open the region up to drilling, we could see close to 20,000 new fracked gas wells drilled in the Delaware River watershed in the coming decades.

The last thing we need is for oil and gas companies to bulldoze their way into our watershed, inject chemical-laden water deep into the ground, and create millions of gallons of toxic wastewater in the same pristine place we get clean drinking water and hike, camp, and fish with our families.

We’ve stood up to fracking before — and won. And with your help, we’ll do it again.

Take action now.

Thanks for all your support,

Doug O’Malley
Environment New Jersey Director

P.S. The Delaware River Basin Commission is meeting on Tuesday, March 11th just outside Trenton. The Obama administration will hold one of five votes on the commission’s decision of whether or not to allow fracking in the Delaware Basin. Will you forward this to 5 friends to get more people to speak up against drilling near one of New Jersey’s best places?

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