Action Alert May 20, 2015: Fair Share Housing in Your Municipality

As the result of a recent NJ Supreme Court decision, New Jersey municipalities have to comply with the mandates of creating their fair share of affordable housing in their towns. Here is a letter that can be filled out by you or members of your congregation to send to your municipality’s mayor.  The letter will help make them aware of the Supreme Court decision requiring every municipality to have an affordable housing plan by July 8th.  You do not need to meet with the mayor unless you would like to.   For more information and facts, contact the Fair Share Housing Center. The letter contains a reference link that connects with the FSHC’s website and also provides the phone number for FSHC.

By mailing letters to your mayor, it will put pressure on the town to be in compliance with the court order in a timely way, eliminating penalties for your town.

Please distribute within the congregation, have letters signed, and send directly to your mayor.  Once downloaded, the letter is editable in Word so you can also send it via email.

Thanks you for your support of this important initiative!

Rev. Craig Hirshberg, Exec. Director
Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of NJ

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