Action Alerts May 28, 2014: Fracking Waste Ban/June 12 Lobby Day and Support Senator Bob Smith

The UULMNJ Environmental Task Force has been involved in shaping New Jersey environmental policy and you can help with that work.  Attached are two letters for members to use. The first is a letter that that can be used as a guide to write personal letters to Senator Bob Smith in support of his efforts to sponsor legislation that promotes sustainable energy use and conservation. The second letter can be adapted to mail to your local legislators regarding the ban on the transportation of fracking wastes in New Jersey. Please use these letters over the next couple of weeks prior to our Lobby Day on June 12th.

View Bob Smith support letter

View fracking waste ban letter

The Fracking Waste Ban Lobby Day is June 12th in Trenton.  Encourage all you know to participate.  Read the flyer with details about the Fracking Waste Ban Lobby Day .

If you have any questions, contact Rohn Hein or UULMNJ Executive Director Craig Hirshberg.

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