“Ban the Box” Fact Sheet


What Are “Ban the Box” Laws?

Under a Ban the Box law, criminal background checks are delayed until later in the hiring process, encouraging employers to focus on the current skills and qualifications of a candidate, rather than on past mistakes. Ban the Box laws have been in effect since 1998, and have been adopted by 38 jurisdictions throughout the United States, including the District of Columbia and five states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

Ban The Box laws do not prevent employers from conducting background checks. They do not require an employer to hire an unqualified applicant. They do not eliminate an employer’s discretion to hire only people suitable for the position. They do not override any existing laws placing restrictions on eligibility for particular positions. They simply ask employers to consider an individual’s full application, providing a realistic opportunity for a person who has changed his or her life.

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