Sanctuary/Fair and Welcoming Congregations: Rapid Response Teams

How to Form a Rapid Response Team in Your Congregation

From An interview with Pedro Sosa, director of AFSC’s Project Voice Immigrant Rights Program in Oregon and Washington state
With thanks to Clara Haignere, editor
May 18th, 2017

Each team is made up of five smaller teams:

  • The legal team works with lawyers and does intake with people who are victims of raids. They are trained as legal observers, and they document any violations ...
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What is the 287(g) policy and why is it bad for New Jersey (and the nation?) (RG May 2017)

Thanks to Steve Ramshur and the Hudson Civic Action Group for this excellent discussion of the immigration policy–called “287(g)” in government speak–that pays counties to do the work of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency–by providing local jails and detention facilities.

287(g) is a totally voluntary program.  Hudson County is now one of only 41 counties in the entire country (out of 3,144) to sign–effectively putting greed for dollars before the necessary boundary between local law enforcement and national immigration ...

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A Challenge to Our Congregations: Make NJ a Fair and Welcoming UU State!

At the April 8 UULMNJ Plenary (Annual Meeting) held at the Ridgewood Unitarian Society, the Immigration Justice Task Force, in cooperation with the UULMNJ Board and Executive Director, publicized a Resolution of Support for Undocumented Persons Fair & Welcoming UU Resolution and a 7 month Challenge to NJ UU congregations to take action Fair and Welcoming UU Challenge.

Above are the links to the text of the Resolution and the Challenge to Act along with recommended action steps your community can take.

The ...

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Interview with Rev. Rob Gregson of UULMNJ at Rally – Protesters Call on Mayor to Make New Brunswick a ‘Sanctuary City’

Demonstrators are calling on the city administration to refuse to enforce President Trump’s executive order on immigration
Rev. Karen Johnston from the East Brunswick congregation was also interviewed at our post behind the Standing on the Side of Love banner.

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ACTION ALERT: March for Immigrant Rights

On Thursday, September 8, starting at 3:30 pm, there will be a march from the Hudson County Jail to the County Freeholders’ meeting to call for humane treatment of migrants who are being detained there for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Hudson County is paid a fee for each detainee held by the county, and the more they hold the more money ICE pays. There are reports that the conditions in the jail are terrible, including rat infested food. The County ...

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Tell Governor Christie to Sign S1771/ A4576 for Lower Prison Phone Rates


S1771/A4576 passed Monday in the NJ legislature. The vote was 47-22 with 1 abstention in the Assembly and 36-0 in the Senate!  The Assembly Appropriations Committee reported favorably an Assembly Committee Substitute for A4576 On December 10, 2015.
Under the substitute, the maximum per minute rate for calls may not exceed the maximum rate allowed by order of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for out-of-State calls and no more than $0.25 per minute for international calls.
In October, 2015 the ...

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ACTION ALERT: Tell Gov. Christie to Welcome Refugees!

This isWithin minutes of last week’s attacks on Paris, U.S. politicians were starting to turn their backs on Syrian refugees. Since then, governors from Texas to Massachusetts have announced they won’t allow any Syrian families into their states. Our own Governor, Chris Christie, has vowed to refuse entry of any refugees, “I don’t think that orphans under 5 should be admitted ...

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Issues Conference 2015 – Immigration Reform Priorities for 2015-16:

1.       Police/ICE relationship: find out what is going on in your county regarding this situation

2.       Local ID’s: urge your county or city governing body to issue an ID card and promote its benefits to all residents of the municipality.

3.       Wage theft: especially in large towns and cities, work with the business community and elected officials to establish wage theft laws.

4.       Driver’s licenses: Contact your state senator now and ask for support of any upcoming action on this. When the new ...

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Update on 2014 “Stamp Out Despair” Holiday Project

Please help us Stamp Out Despair!

Thanks to you all we have collected a tremendous amount of stationery and do not need anymore. But we are still in need of the following:

  1. Forever Stamps
  2. International Global Stamps
  3. Blank cards
  4. Monetary donations for phone service that would help detainees call their families during the holidays*
  5. 2 ply paper folders
  6. Large and small blank envelopes
  7. Blank Note cards
  8. Handwritten personal notes of encouragement addressed “Dear Friend” (need 900)

*Collect all the phone card donations and ...

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Important Holiday Project for UU Congregations

The holidays can be extremely difficult for those who are spending them in immigration detention centers.  UULMNJ wants to help.  Our Immigration Task Force has found a way, by  participating in First Friend”s “Stamp Out Despair” program.

First Friends  is an organization of volunteers who visit people detained at the Elizabeth Detention Center (EDC), Bergen County Jail, Hudson County Correctional Facility and Delaney Detention Center. Many detainees know no one in the United States, so a First Friends visitor may be ...

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