CC Min 6-3-2015

Monthly Liaison Conference Call Minutes

June 3, 2015, 8 PM

In Attendance:
Nick Mellis (Washington Crossing)
Al Stawsky (Palisades)
Toby Tyler (Morristown)
Elaine Nigam (Princeton)
Cecilia Cosca (Montclair)
Sally Gellert (Paramus)
Laurice Grae-Hauck, Administrator
Rev. Craig Hirshberg, Exec. Dir.


Congregations Check-in: 

  • Nick (Washington Crossing): been to Counsel for Faith and Action meeting, introduced a new marijuana legalization bill. Will be a long time before they take a vote on it.
  • Toby (Morristown): UULMNJ coffee hour a couple of weeks ago. Gathered some interest. Got some pushback on the affordable housing issue with questions about Morristown in particular and how they can justify asking the town to provide more affordable housing.
  • Cecelia (Montclair): Just One Thing email goes out weekly to cover social justice issues. Has recently urged writing to legislators and about the Exxon settlement. Montclair dedicated a “Black Lives Matter” banner that is now hanging on the front of the building. The Undoing Racism Committee will be marching in the African American Heritage Day parade on Saturday.
  • Elaine (Princeton): It’s been quiet since the plenary.
  • Sally (Paramus): The teens talking about racism event was a big success.

Task Force:

  • Al ( Justice): Million Peoples March is now being cosponsored by UULMNJ. Urge attendance in your congregations and communities. Still nothing active in the legislation. Expecting things to break in a month of two. Juneteenth is Friday June 19th, celebration in Bergen County on June 20. Al’s congregation will have a booth for educating and distributing at the celebration.


  • Million Person March, Saturday, July 25 in Newark organized by the People’s Organization for Progress, cosponsored by UULMNJ, or racial and economic justice. Join the Facebook event so organizers have an idea of turn out.
  • Earned sick days legislation has been stalled but Assembly will vote before the end of the session. Senate will likely not vote until the fall.
  • Domestic violence gun seizure bill passed out of committee on Monday.
  • Driver’s license for undocumented legislation is in the works. Expect something to come down the pipeline.
  • UULMNJ has joined a bill tracking service called GovNetNJ which will streamline how quickly we are able to act on legislation that is moving forward.
  • Task Force/Liaison Training Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Washington Crossing.
  • The Board endorsed moving forward with the taxation and legalization of marijuana laws legalization and dismantaling racism work at the meeting last week.
  • UULMNJ is looking for good people to join a UULMNJ statewide committee looking at racial issues. Please send any recommendations to Rev. Craig
  • If you are going to GA, CUUSAN (Coalition of UU State Action Networks of which UULMNJ is a member. Craig is on the steering committee.) will be offering “Building New Ways:  First Annual Leadership Program  for state action networks.  It will be held Wed. 1-5 at the Double Tree Hotel.  1000 Multnomah Street, Portland.   To register, contact with Building New Ways Registration in the subject line.
  • If you would like to be an offsite delegate for GA, registration closes on June 19.  Learn more here.
  • If you would like help with a “Black Lives Matter” banner for your congregation, the UULMNJ banner can be customized for your congregation.
  • Craig will be on vacation from June 22 to July 7, for her daughter’s wedding.

There will be no Liaison conference call in July unless there is important business breaking.  Please check email for an announcement.


  • New website is LIVE! There is a calendar for statewide congregational events. Plan on submitting community events to be added to the statewide calendar to!

Adjourned at 8:46 pm

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