Faith in Action

  • What the elders taught me, and teach us is that we have to participate, and we have to be active, and we have to nurture the community for the well being of not only our community, but all the rest of the world. We have that big responsibility to maintain balance within the world. –– Brian Vallo, Acoma Pueblo, 2004

Many Unitarian Universalists feel that working for social justice and the elimination of all forms of oppression is an essential part of their spiritual journey.  When looking at the issues of our time, we do so grounded in our UU principles and seeking to “walk the talk” by putting our faith into action.  One of UULMNJ’s goals is to work with, and be a resource for, New Jersey’s UU congregations to strengthen their social justice programs.

Less can be more, and that is true when determining priority issues.  UULMNJ, like other statewide UU legislative ministries, has discovered that we can’t effectively work on all the issues that we would like to address at any one time, and choices must be made.

Therefore UULMNJ periodically develops an Issues Survey to elicit input from New Jersey’s 21 UU congregations to help prioritize the issues that will be the focus of our efforts for the next two years or so.  Issues which overlap with the selected issues may also be addressed.  There also may be compelling “emerging issues” that will be addressed.

Task forces are established for each priority issue. These groups convene “meetings” via conference calls and e-mail to define positions and identify and carry out actions.  Please contact UULMNJ’s Executive Director, Rev. Rob Gregson at if you are interested in participating in a task force.