UULMNJ & Faithify!

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FAITHIFY is a crowdfunding site where passionate people FOLLOW, SHARE, and FUND Unitarian Universalist ministries.

FAITHIFY’s purpose is to:

  • Inspire a culture of innovation that extends the reach of UU values
  • Lower the walls between existing congregation
  • Ignite ministries in new venues, formats, and communities
  • Bridge geographic and generational borders using 21st century technologies
  • Help passionate individuals invest directly in ministries that excite them
  • Help ministry innovators reach a passionate public

“We envision a people with renewed faith and a Unitarian Universalism that is more connected, relevant, and vibrant.”


faithify infographic fullThe success of a Faithify campaign is entirely dependent on the energy and excitement behind it. NOW is the time to think about and get excited by the passion that drives you to be an active part of the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ.

Did you know that one in three online donations is made through peer-to-peer fundraising? P2P fundraising is great for smaller non-profits for several reasons. It eliminates the trust issue. It takes a long time to cultivate a relationship with a supporter and potential donor. Your friends and family already know and love you. They trust that if you are dedicated to a cause that it is worthy of their time of resources. You’re not asking them to make a major donation, put to make a gift in your honor.

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Peer fundraising also gets around the lack of resources in a small organization. With only two part-time staff we can only reach so far, but by activate our 1000 emails subscribers and 700 Facebook and Twitter followers we can successfully reach thousands of people!

Do you not have a social networking account? Now’s the time to get active. For those not active online this may be an even more powerful way to say “HEY! This is important to me!” It’s easy, go to the UULMNJ page and click “share”. Not only is social media revolutionizing justice advocacy, its a great was to keep in touch with children and grandchildren (you can thank us later).  It’s easy to setup and use. You can ask someone to help you set up your account and find people in your network or you can visit this great online tutorials for seniors.

Faithify is an all-or-nothing funding platform.

All-or-nothing funding means that projects are only funded if they reach or surpass 100% of their funding goal within the duration of their campaign.  No funds will be collected from donors unless the goal is reached.

All-or-nothing funding has a number of advantages:

  • It’s less risk for everyone. If you need $5,000 but only raise $1,000 the project will not work.
  • It motivates. If people want to see a project come to life, they’re going to spread the word.
  • It works. Projects either make their goal or find little support. There’s little in-between.

So now that you know about Faithify, how do you engage and help UULMNJ have a successful campaign? We’ve come up with an easy four step plan.

Create a personal story:

Why do you support UULMNJ? What cause is nearest to your heart? Do you have a personal story to share about why this issue is so important to you? Family member in prison? Housing crisis? Healthcare issue?

Reach out to friends and family, NOT JUST UUs:

Send an email ask to your friends and family members who are likely to donate because they care about you, not the organization. You’ll be provided with basic language. You fill in the specifics.Faithify and You(1)


Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account that you don’t use?  Write a short blurb asking your friends to give up a cup of coffee or a beer (you know your friends) in support of social justice. Ask them to share it, too.

Ask your friends why they care about social justice. Ask them to share a personal story about why they support UULMNJ. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Give the organization faces and souls to connect with.

Talk about it! Bring up UULMNJ’s first Faithify campaign in conversations. It’s pledge season in most congregations so you’re already talking about money. Why not talk about this great way for UUs to give back to causes that are important to them.

Stay active! Share updates, donations, issues and more.


Laurice Grae-Hauck is the Outreach Coordinator of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of NJ.


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