June 23: Join UUs in Sending a Message From Justice GA

At General Assembly in Phoenix, UUs from across the country are sending Sheriff Arpaio a message tonight.  See how you can join them.

Tonight: Tent City. Thousands strong, we will lift our voices against the inhumane conditions at this place that Sheriff Joe Arpaio himself calls a “concentration camp.” What is Sheriff Arpaio’s response to our peaceful candlelight vigil at Tent City? To put Maricopa County jails on lockdown, and prevent inmates from receiving visits from friends or family for 24 hours. Indeed, Arpaio plans to punish those who are already subjugated.
Friends—it’s time for us to raise our voices together, all across the country, and demand, unequivocally, that the federal government Shut Down Tent City! Tent City represents the worst of a culture of cruelty perpetrated in the name of the U.S. government and is a shameful component of the federal system of mass detention and deportation. Help us shine a light on these egregious human rights abuses here in Arizona and across the nation!

Read more from the national Standing on the Side of Love campaign manager Dan Furmansky.

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