Liaison CC Min 12-3-14


Monthly Liaison Conference Call Minutes

December 3, 2014, 8 PM

In Attendance:
Nick Mellis (Titusville)
Edie Waill (Paramus)
Elaine Nigam (Princeton)
Toby Tyler  (Morristown)
Laurice Grae-Hauck, Administrator
Rev. Craig Hirshberg, Exec. Dir.


Congregations Check-in:
  • Toby Tyler (MoTown): Craig and Rohn Hein presented a social justice workshop.  Social justice meeting decided to support immigration effort by donating to Stamp Out Despair at First Friends.  Morristown held a vigil for Michael Brown.
  • Nick Mellis (Washington Crossing):  Council for Action workshop run by Rev. Kim, will be developing congregational issues, follow up meeting but still analyzing which issues to focus on; hunger, climate change, racial inequality.  Want to focus on one issue as a congregation.
  • Edie Waill (Paramus): Community Garden up and running.  Winter rye planted to prepare the spring garden.  Benefit the Center for Food Action.  Screening of the film “Corrections” and discussion led by Clinton Lacey with NYC Dpt of Probation.  Privatization of the correctional system. “Shadows of Liberty” about corporate media.  Outreach auction with Ridgewood and Palisades.  Working on Stamp Out Despair collections.    for Light  For Lima vigils.    Possibility for an additional education task force.
  • Elaine (Princeton): Stamp Out Despair collection.  Assembling packets at the Christmas party on Saturday and Sunday.  Brunch benefit for UULMNJ on January 4.  Congregational Relations Committee asking liaisons and congregations to update liaison contacts.
  • Craig reports that she meets with ministers monthly and gives them a UULMNJ update.
  • Elaine asked to know who is on our distribution list from her congregation.
Craig Updates:   (8:32pm)
  • S211/A783:  Action alert will be getting out to you soon about this legislation.  Write and call legislators.  A fact sheet will be out to liaisons soon after.
  • Contact (particularly Republican) legislators to override the Governors veto of the fracking waste ban

Craig answered question about the pig gestation crate

 New Business
  • April 18, 2015 Plenary date has been set!
  • Nick suggested getting a camera prior to the plenary to record or live stream the key note address.
Adjourned at 8:51
Minutes submitted by Laurice Grae, UULMNJ Administrator
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