Marriage Equality Passes

Congratulations!  As you have probably heard by now, after prevailing in the Senate earlier this week, marriage equality legislation passed the Assembly 42 – 33 yesterday.  This was a huge victory for several reasons.

It withstood incredible pressure and backroom lobbying from the governor’s office, and  it gives us two years to find the votes needed to override a veto.  But most importantly, there is a court case pending questioning the equality of civil unions.  When the court considers the legality of a legislative action, it tries to interpret the intention of the legislature.  This has provided a clear statement about the intention of the legislature which should dramatically help the court case.  So, we have two fronts on which to pursue Marirage Equality in New Jersey.
Yesterday, several people had told me how wonderful Unitarian Universalists were.  I was told that legislators commented on our letters and emails.  I don’t know how many letters, emails and petition names we gathered, but I’m sure it was in the thousands.
Again, I want to thank everyone who helped build this historical time in the history of New Jersey.
UU’s are awesome!
With great appreciation,
Rev. Craig
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