Marriage Equality – Votes on Feb. 13 and 16

Marriage Equality in Jersey is comig up for a vote.  The full New Jersey Senate will on vote Monday, February 13.  The session will begin at noon .  Please try to get there between 9am and 10am to fill the gallery if you are interested in going. The full New Jersey Assembly will vote on Thursday, February 16 in a session beginning at 1:00pm.

Letters should be sent, delivered or e-mailed before the vote date. Garden State Equality has provided a link for an easy way to send an e-mail message to all three of your legislators – your Senator and two Assembly members – all at once.  Given the time factor, e-mails are a great tool.  Here’s the link: .  Please let others know about this too.

From Garden State Equality: On both days, we suggest you park at the Trenton Marriott, 1 West Lafayette Street, and walk to the State House, 125 West State Street, three blocks away.  Garden State Equality volunteers will guide you from the Marriott to the State House.  If you have an EQUALITY The American Dream t-shirt, please wear it.  After the Assembly votes on Thursday, February 16, Garden State Equality will hold a huge gathering, free, at the nearby Trenton Marriott.

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