Members of the Boards of UULMNJ and UULMNJ-PPN support Alison Miller for UUA President

Members of the Boards of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of NJ (UULMNJ) and the Unitarian Universalist Ministry of NJ Public Policy Network (UULMNJ-PPN) support Alison Miller for UUA President. Alison’s unique experiences and skills will add much to the governance of the UUA. Alison’s experience as the minister of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship provides her with an understanding of the day to day issues of UUA ministers, parishioners, and governance of a congregation. Serving as a Board member of the UULMNJ and as the president of the UULMNJ-PPN, Alison has experience in both activism and governance of a social justice organization.

Alison has also shown a clear vision for social justice during her service on the UULMNJ and UULMNJ-PPN Boards. She has been a dynamic spokesperson for the organization and our work and has demonstrated strong team building skills, energy and multifaceted skills at organizational development.

The UULMNJ and UULMNJ-PPN Boards will be sorry to lose Alison’s contributions to our work but look forward to benefiting from her contributions as UUA President.

You can follow Alison’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn more about Rev. Miller in a recent article in UU World.

You can also meet Alison at the UULMNJ 2016 Issues Conference at her home congregation, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship. Learn more or register today!

*Board member Andrea Lerner has abstained from the vote to support Rev. Miller. As UUA staff, Ms. Lerner is not permitted to publicly endorse any cadidate.


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