People’s Climate March THIS SUNDAY: Important Information


We are so excited to make history with you on Sunday! Unitarian Universalists will join together and march as one community, part of a 10,000-member faith contingent. We are coming from all over the continent and beyond to witness for climate justice. Here are the things to know to prepare for this epic event:

Day of Text Alert
To stay up to date about happenings the day of the march, please text the word “march” to 97779.  After doing this, you will receive updates about the march.

Meet up on 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues at 10:30am

…or whenever you can get there. Our UU contingent is gathering starting at 10:30am within the Faith Contingent Staging Area. Enter 58th Street from 9th Ave. only! the 8th Ave. entrance will be blocked off. An interfaith prayer service, featuring UUA President Rev. Peter Morales, will start at 11am. After that, UUs will gather together in community, make connections with one another, and prepare ourselves to march. The faith contingent has an intentional location in the march (for the whole lineup check out For up to the minute details, go to

The NE corner of 44th and 6th is the “official” midway entry/exit point and “waiting area” for folks with mobility difficulties. It will probably be possible to leave the March just about anywhere along the route. It may also be possible to enter at various other points as well – especially if you’re a small group, or just an individual. But we know it will be possible to enter and exit at 44th and 6th.

If you need public transportation to NYC from New Jersey, the following transporation link will help.

There will be a block party at the end of the march with street food and fun!  Take the opportunity to talk to and get to know people who traveled from afar!

Moment of Silence to Moment of Alarm @12:58pm
The march is being led by frontline communities and indigenous groups from around the continent and the world, who are many of the first victims of climate change, and at 12:58, we’re having a moment of silence to honor those on the front lines. When you see people start linking hands above their heads, that’s the sign the moment of silence is beginning.

Also, please text ALARM to the number 97779.  By doing this, you will receive a reminder about the moment of silence.

At 1:00pm we are going to end that moment of silence with a great, big noise—sounding the climate alarm that has gone ignored for too long. You’ll know it’s time to ring that alarm and make as much noise as you can when you hear 32 marching bands blowing their horns and church bells ring from around the city (so bring your own noisemakers).

Wear your Standing on the Side of Love yellow if you have it.

If you don’t, no worries. We do not have the ability to sell T-shirts onsite. Other things to bring: granola bars or other snacks, clothes suitable for the weather, and water bottles. There will be water filling stations along the march route. Avoid large bags and backpacks if you can, and please note that the New York Police Department has prohibited wooden sticks and steel poles. UULMNJ will have about 40 11×17 signs that can be hand held or affixed to a paper tube.  Please bring your own tube and we can attach the sign at the staging area.

You are part of the launch of something huge and new: Commit2Respond!

Our participation in the People’s Climate March will kick-start a brand new UU initiative for climate justice. Commit2Respond is our religious response to the climate crisis, and by showing up to the March, you are a part of its beginning! Find out more at Share your commitment by using the hashtag #Commit2Respond on any signs or banners you bring.

Tell the world!

Being at the march will be huge, and we can expand our impact that much more by broadcasting our presence. You can start now: take to social media and tell the world why you are marching this weekend. Take selfies while you’re traveling to New York (if you don’t live there) and take pictures at the march as well! Share your photos on social media with the hashtags #Commit2Respond and #PeoplesClimate, or join the UULMNJ Facebook event and tag them as you upload them!

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