Roles and Responsibilities

  • Our religion is a religion of social concern, a religion of intellectual and ethical integrity, a religion that emphasizes the dynamic conception of history and the scientific worldview, a religion that stresses the dignity and worth of the person as a supreme value and goodwill as the creative force in human relations. This religion can and ought to become a beacon from which this kind of faith shines.–Rev. Lewis A. McGee (1893-1979)



Task Force Chair

  • Cares passionately about a specific justice issue
  • Recruits and supports members of the Task Force
  • Receives requests for action from within the UULMNJ
  • Responds to requests from allied organizations for collaboration and support
  • Keeps track of the accomplishments of the Task Force
  • Provides regular updates to the Director
  • Communicates with the Director and the Public Policy Committee when planning and carrying out action items
  • Coordinates monthly Task Force conference calls
  • Attends necessary meetings of the UULMNJ a few times a year
  • Current Task Force Chairs:
Task Force Chair Contact
Criminal Justice Reform: Ending the New Jim Crow Susan MacDonnell
Economic Justice Lorraine Wearly
Environment Bill Potter
Gun Violence Prevention Lew Maltby
Immigration Reform Ted Fetter
Reproductive Justice/Health Care Carol Loscalzo


Task Force Members

  • Have an interest in a specific justice issue
  • Take an active role in planning and carrying out the work of the UULMNJ
  • Participate in a monthly conference call
  • Research issues and identify allies
  • Keep track of changes in public policy that might affect their target issue
  • Develop action plans that will be sent out to the congregations or other target groups
  • Attend necessary meetings of the UULMNJ a few times a year


The Congregational Liaison

  • Wants to bring the work of the UULMNJ to their home congregation
  • Distributes information from the UULMNJ to their congregation
  • Recruits and supports a congregational Action Team
  • Mobilizes the Action Team in response to requests from a Task Force
  • Communicates to the Task Force what has been accomplished at their congregation
  • Works with their congregation’s social action committee to coordinate efforts
  • Attends necessary meetings of the UULMNJ a few times a year
  • Current Congregational Liaisons:
Location Congregation Liaison
Baptistown First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County Amy Tiedemann
Bordentown Dorothea Dix Unitarian Universalist Community Cathy Ann Vandegrift
Cherry Hill Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill Chuck O'Neil Gabriel Fenerty
East Brunswick The Unitarian Society, A U. U. Congregation Angela Pineiro Phyliss Shaw
Englewood Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palisades Al Stawsky
Galloway U. U. Congregation of South Jersey Shore
Hackettstown Skyland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Tony Van Der Mude
Lincroft Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County Bill Nordahl
Montclair The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair Diane Finn, Cecelia Cosca
Morristown Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Toby Tyler
Newton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sussex County Jeri Doherty
Orange First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County Bill Slezak
Paramus Central Unitarian Church Sally Gellert, Edie Waill
Plainfield First Unitarian Society of Plainfield Joanne Macaluso
Princeton Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton Frances Prestianni, Elaine Nigam, Katrina Homel, Gena Whitney
Ridgewood The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood Ira Mendelsberg, Debbie Wardell, Anita Young
Somerville Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills Anne Mellen Missy Staples
Summit The Unitarian Church in Summit Lorraine Wearley, Carolyn Baldacchini
Titusville Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing Lynne Quinto, Nick Mellis
Tom's River Unitarian Universalist Ocean County Congregation
Wayne Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Peggy Woods Carol Swift


Members of the Congregational Action Team

  • Are interested in supporting the work of the UULMNJ
  • Commit to responding to requests for action from the Congregational Liaison
  • Invite other members of their congregation to take part in specific action items
  • Find creative ways to bring the issues addressed by the UULMNJ into their home congregation
  • Participate in fundraising efforts
  • Share their experiences and knowledge with the larger body of the UULMNJ through writing articles for the newsletter, participating in trainings and regional events, and letting us know when it’s time to celebrate a success or address a concern