Unitarian Universalist Statewide Networks

In March 2010 the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA), Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), and Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Networks (UUSANs) cooperatively engaged Rev. John Millspaugh to analyze and provide recommendations for how to create, sustain, and most effectively make a difference with UU State Advocacy Networks (SANs).

In his report, Rev. Millspaugh states, “Studying SANs and other social justice entities in Unitarian Universalism for six months leads me to conclude that while they have growing edges, blemishes, and varying degrees of organizational maturity, SANs as a whole make contributions essential not only to UU justice work, but also..SANS make essential contributions to our religious movement.

New Jersey is not alone in having a growing statewide UU network.   Rev. Millspugh found that,  “Established SANs serve US states representing a surprising proportion of our movement: 53% of all UU members of congregations reported in 2010, and 48% of all UU congregations. SANs report strong relationships with almost 1/3 (32%) of all UUA member congregations..a full 2/3 of UU congregations in the states they serve.”

Read Rev. Millspaugh’s report, Recommendations Regarding Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Networks

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