Update on 2014 “Stamp Out Despair” Holiday Project

Please help us Stamp Out Despair!

Thanks to you all we have collected a tremendous amount of stationery and do not need anymore. But we are still in need of the following:

  1. Forever Stamps
  2. International Global Stamps
  3. Blank cards
  4. Monetary donations for phone service that would help detainees call their families during the holidays*
  5. 2 ply paper folders
  6. Large and small blank envelopes
  7. Blank Note cards
  8. Handwritten personal notes of encouragement addressed “Dear Friend” (need 900)

*Collect all the phone card donations and send a check made payable to First Friends with “Stamp out Despair” in the memo line.
Phone service: USPS money order for $28.75


  • A desktop computer to be used at our office
  • Old cell phones that use SIM cards that can be use by those released from detention
  • Men’s shaving disposable razors
  • Create houses of welcome to host a released asylum seeker in your church or in your home
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