UULMNJ Task Forces Select Priority Issues

UULMNJ is inundated with requests to respond to many issues.  They may come from our UULMNJ Task Forces, Congregational Social Action groups, coalitions with whom we affiliate, the UUA, or general public concern. Due to limited resources and time, UULMNJ is unable to respond to each issue equally, as addressing too many issues at once will only dilute the effectiveness of UULMNJ education and advocacy.

Therefore at the Fall Issues Workshop on October 29, each task force was asked to recommend one “front burner” issue to which UULMNJ will allocate its State level resources.  The issues are defined by our task forces and approved by the board, and will become the object of public and congregational education, advocacy and campaigns.  These issues will be reviewed yearly, as the issue is resolved or when other needs arise.

There are other important issues that UULMNJ can support by lending its name to and supporting actions of other organizations.  These issues will be recommended to/from the Executive Director or Task Force Chair.  Endorsement will be decided in consultation with the Public Policy Committee of the UULMNJ Board as needed.

Each task force will continue to consider several issues at a time, through research and study within the UULMNJ organization and New Jersey UU congregations.  And, of course, this in no way limits individuals and local congregations from participating in all issues however they see fit.

At ULMNJ’s Issues Workshop on October 29, the task forces recommended their primary issues, which were subsequently approved by the board:

Economic Justice

Jobs Creation – Advocating for legislation that requires the creation of real jobs, not just tax incentives.

Environmental Justice

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – New Jersey should remain part of this ten-state initiative.

Health Care

Health Care Exchanges – Advocating for an affordable and consumer-oriented health exchanges, a state determined portion of The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.

Immigration Reform

Wage Theft – insuring that employers pay the wages they promise, receive stiffer penalties if they don’t, and recourse for those with lost wages.

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