Webinar – March 27

The Impact of the Citizens United Decision on the Democratic Process
Featured speaker Greg Nagy

The disparity between the rich and the middle class is greater, and upward mobility lower, in the US than in any other major industrialized country in the world. There are now 45 million Americans living below the poverty line, the most in 50 years.  Undisclosed Super Pac spending is already swaying voters in the primaries. Does this sound like democracy in action to you?

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed unlimited corporate and union spending in elections, leading to the creation of so-called super PACs that cannot contribute to candidates but can spend money they raise to support or defeat them.

Recognized expert, published author, lecturer and longtime UU, Greg Nagy was formerly the Legal Director of the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission, where he received its lifetime achievement award.  He also served as Deputy Attorney General, Department of Law and Public Safety.

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