YUUR Voice in Trenton: Jan 2014

YUUR Voice In Trenton

Happy New Year from UULMNJ.   New Jersey politics are always interesting and the most recent revelations of Bridgegate are no exception. The New Jersey Legislature is a little preoccupied right now with fact-finding investigations. But UULMNJ just keeps its coarse, focusing on the issues rather than the politics. And here is the latest:

  • A new Reproductive Justice sub committee is forming to address women’s health issues in New Jersey. If you are interested or can be a resource to this group, please email Rev. Kathleen Green, Chair to be included
  • A new Criminal Justice Reform: The New Jim Crow Task Force is forming to address mass incarceration and all that it entails. If you would like to join or be a resource to this task force, please email Al Stawsky, Chair alynways@gmail.com
  • You can now receive UULMNJ Action Alerts directly. If you haven’t received on already, it means you are not in our database. If you would like to receive these in the future, please send your contact information to admin@uulmnj.org and we will sign you up.
  • New Liaison Conference Call time: Our liaison conference calls are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8 PM. Each liaison should be receiving notices. If you are a liaison and are not receiving notifications from our Executive Director, please email Rev. Craig Hirshberg at director@uulmnj.org
  • And finally, Save the Date, APRIL 5, 2014 for the 5th Annual UULMNJ Plenary, at the Princeton Unitarian Universalist Church in Princeton. Mark your calendars today. More details will follow shortly.
  • If you find that UULMNJ involvement is calling your inner best self, give is a call 609.672.7331. We can always use more volunteers.

As the New Year begins, we would like to extend a note of gratitude to all the people around the state who supported UULMNJ over the past year. It is your work and involvement that makes UULMNJ possible.

In faith,

Rev. Craig Hirshberg


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